Migrationserstberatung - englisch

Advice centre for adult immigrants

... have you recently immigrated into Germany?
… do you take part in an integration course?
… do you have questions about your stay in Germany or do you need help concerning the
following points:

» searching for work or job training
» job orientation and application
» house-hunting
» language courses
» legal matters regarding to foreigners
» authorities
» general problems or conflicts?

We will help you

We will help you!

We offer immigration advice for adult foreigners in German, Turkish, Russian, Polish and English.

Our intension is to help you to manage your everyday life in Germany by yourself.

The immigration advice is free of charge. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are glad to help you!



Herr Yilmaz (deutsch, türkisch und englisch) Tel. 8910-8705
Herr Keskin (deutsch und türkisch) Tel. 8910-8704
Frau Kozakiewicz (deutsch, polnisch und russisch) Tel. 8910-8703
Frau Rügheimer (deutsch und türkisch) Tel. 8910-8701
Frau Abu Elheija (deutsch, arabisch, englisch) Tel.: 8910-8707

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